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Mozilla Project Weekly Status: 2009-04-06


  • 5.0.4 Release this week
    • Experimental add-ons no longer require login to install
    • Public Stats Dashboard
    • Remove old developer dashboard
    • Improved registration flow
    • Adding blog, contact, about links to footer (woo!)
    • Editor queue now sorted as a FIFO queue, so we’ll be able to see how long add-ons are in the review queue so we can react appropriately
      • 82% compatible with Fx3.1
      • 66% compatibility with 3.1b3
    • 230 editor reviews last week
    • 152 accepted
    • 41 nominations
    • 111 file updates


  • Firefox 3.0.9
    • Handed off to build today
    • On track for release on April 21
  • Firefox 3.0.10
    • Opening tree this Tuesday for approved checkins
    • Please work on your blockers
  • Final major update for Firefox 2.0.0.x
    • Looking at issuing a final major update for Firefox
    • Planning for shortly after 3.0.9
    • More details this week
  • Firefox 3.5
    • Firefox Front End Work
      • 6 blockers left, only 2 of which are complicated
      • some likely UI opportunistic updates for Beta 4
        • updated privacy preferences pane bug 462041 (needs review)
        • updated clear recent history dialog bug 480169 (needs review)
        • restoring only visible tabs first upon session restore bug 480148 (landed)
        • updates/fixes to PFS so plugin installers can be executed bug 435788 (landed)
        • new tab experience – under evaluation, would require some string changes
    • Beta 3
      • getting great feedback from community
      • around 500,000 users daily
      • most add-ons now compatible
    • Firefox 3.5 Beta 4
        • we are string frozen
        • code freeze Wednesday April 15th
        • release late in week of April 20th


  • Gecko 1.9.1
    • Beta 4 progress: JS has 11 bugs blocking the last planned beta, and five of those 11 have patches or has a potential fix. At this rate we should be able to hit the new freeze date (next bullet). Overall, there are 24 remaining JS blockers.
    • Code freeze for beta 4 is now Wednesday April 15th.
    • I mentioned this last week, but it’s still happening and it’s important that people participate: We’re in the middle of planning new features and work items for future releases.
      • Each team has created a list and prioritized possible major work items for the next release.
      • There’s several ongoing dev.planning discussions of the work lists for each of the groups. Links to threads: Javascript, GFX, Layout, and Content.
      • For overall Platform planning, see this wiki page.
      • Next steps are to discuss the overall plan for what the next Gecko release will look like, not just features, but duration and timing.
    • Blocker Status:
      • 12 final blocker bugs left in content. (9 last time)
      • 3 GFX final blockers. (Last week: 4)
      • 10 Layout final blockers. Six have patches. (Last week: 11)
      • 2 SVG final blockers.
      • JS with 24 blockers. (Last week: 37)
    • Triage needed. 22 (I updated this number this time!) noms are in the queue right now.
    • For weekly engineering meeting notes and other info see the Platform page.
    • 70 total 1.9.1 blockers (last week: 88).


  • TBird 3.0b3 (Shredder) – Status: In Progress

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