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May 2009

Update: WordPress Oddities

Another update on the Firefox 3.5 update and WordPress Oddities entry. I posted about this issue on the Firefox Builds forum on mozillaZine and was directed to Bug 494143: Icons not available in visual editor mode on wordpress.com. Further Fredbezies has also pointed me to this bug as well. I don’t usually comment on Bugs but I did comment on this one to let them know it is also affecting Windows builds not just the Linux builds. It appears it may have started earlier in the week before the 3.5pre release and is related to tinyMICE, as a couple of…

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Firefox 3.5 update and WordPress Oddities

I updated to Shiretoko (Firefox 3.5 developmental) version3.5 pre last night. This marks the en dof the Beta builds for Firefox 3.5 and means there should be an upcoming Release Candidate soon. Everything for the most part went as expected with this update including about 1/3 of my add-ons becoming disabled. The add-ons all appear to be working fine now once they were force installed via the Nightly Tester Tools. However, when I went to compose a blog post in Firefox 3.5, I could not get the ‘Visual’ editor to work correctly. No, it did not crash my browser like…

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We’ve Turned 3!

Back on May 1st, The Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog turned 3. Taking a looking back around May 1st for the past 3-years, here were some of the big news items: 2006 Mike Schroepfer announced developers were yanking Places from the then upcoming Firefox 2 release. Bon Echo/Firefox 2 Alpha 2 release. 2007 Support for both Firefox and Thunderbird 1.5 would be ending soon. Dell was going to offer (on some systems) Ubuntu & OpenOffice.org instead of Windows Vista and Office 2007 The Guru begins to experiment with Ubuntu. 2008 The failed takeover/merger of Yahoo! by Microsoft. Still not sure if…

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Firefox 3.5RC1 Coming Early June

Announced at Monday’s Mozilla Project Weekly Status meeting, the first Release Candidate for Firefox 3.5 should be out in early June. Also, June 17th will mark the 1-year anniversary of the Firefox 3 release.

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