Wal Mart Receipts

I noticed the other day after I made a purchase at my Walmart store, the new receipts are double-sided. My store (Alma School and Warner) is still in the process of transitioning from a regular Walmart into a SuperCenter (without a Garden and Automotive Center). A couple weeks ago they setup brand new registers which print out the double-sided receipts. The front as the store logo and phone number along with all the items purchased. The backside gives the total number of items sold along with the time/date and transaction information (including bar code).

I imagine this is going to save them a lot of money in the long run as they will use less register tape. I’ve always found Walmart ‘s receipts to be much simpler in comparison to Target’s. I’ve become very annoyed with Target’s over-sized receipts, especially when only purchasing a couple items. It seems if I purchase a DVD or CD their system automatically assumes I want a gift receipt (policy use to be those were only to be printed