Firefox 3.5 Beta99 Test Day Today

There are still a couple hours left of this current test day.

MozQA is holding THE Testday for the rollout of Firefox 3.5 Beta99 which is as close to a release as possible! I don’t need to remind everyone of how important this phase is, so we’re going to need your awesome testing skills to make sure its as polished as possible.  Our community representatives will be available through IRC Chat ( channel #testday on irc:// ), QMO forums as well as the dev-quality newsgroup to help with any of your questions/comments/suggestions.

From what I’ve been reading on the Mozilla QA, there is still delays in getting Firefox 3.5 RC1 released. There is also talks of possibly another test day next week once they work out the current serious regression in Firefox 3.5 RC1.

Source: Mozilla QA