Mozilla Project Weekly Status: June 15, 2009


  • AMO 5.0.6 release on Wednesday
    • Almost 300 resolved bugs- check out Fligtar’s moxie Dashboard
    • Redesign of AMO from top to bottom with our first Firefox extension (Add-on Collector) and the Collections feature!
  • Compatibility with 3.5 up to 72% thanks to Sun updating the Java Console entry- should be up another 3-4% once they complete testing of the new Java Console
  • AMO 5.0.7 release includes Contributions and Tagging, launching on 6/30


  • Firefox 3.0.11
    • Shipped! Yay!
  • Firefox 3.0.12
    • Code freeze targeted for tomorrow at 11:59pm.
    • Please work on your blockers
  • Firefox 3.5
    • 1 blocker left and it’s actually already done!
    • monitoring code freeze and helping where possible by finding regression ranges, etc, looking to help QA with testing phase as well
  • Firefox 3.5 Beta 99
    • planning on shipping a final “beta” release to get the 6 weeks of fixes out to our beta users
    • this isn’t a “proper” beta, rather a quick release to help find blockers for final
    • hoping to ship soon (today or tomorrow)
  • Firefox 3.6 (Namoroka)
    • Firefox Interns are totally rocking it:
      • both have code in the tree, MattN will have code in 3.5!
      • about:me has gotten fantastic feedback and even some press mentions (yay, Margaret)
      • can’t wait for Felipe to get here


  • Gecko 1.9.1
    • Sustained zero blockers over the weekend; however, there’s at least one that has popped up today. Looks like a rebuild of the RC might occur. There’s also one blocker nomination the JS team is looking into right now; however, it doesn’t look like a blocker so far.
    • In parallel to the Firefox 3.5 effort, we’ve been working on a multi-process implementation. Chris Jones just sent a great update to the dev list, and we will be having a brown bag to discuss the Chromium Security Sandbox.
    • New interns this week:
      • Justin Lebar, Stanford, working in the Content group with Jonas Sicking
      • Matin Movassate, Stanford, working in Content with Blake Kaplan
      • Ryo Kawaguchi, CMU, working in Layout with Daniel Holbert.


  • Thunderbird / Gecko
    • Caught an update issue during testing
    • Targeting beta today, release in a week
  • TBird 3.0b3 (Shredder) – Status: In Progres
    • The folder display refactoring (part 2 of the Great Gloda Landing bug 474701) made it into the tree on Friday. If you encounter a bug in the nightlies which may be related, please check the regression tracker dependency tree], filing and adding a new bug if appropriate.
    • After part 3 (the search UI and backend changes) lands, we’ll set some new dates for beta 3.
  • We’re planning to ship jQuery, parts of jQuery UI, and Protovis with Thunderbird 3.

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