Firefox 3.5 RC1?

With yesterday’s announcement on the Firefox 3.5 RC2 release, I was thinking I must have missed the announcement for RC1. As I was getting ready to publish this week’s release recaps I noticed the Mozilla ‘Release Page’ showed RC1 as released on June 16th. Odd I don’t recall seeing an announcement from Mozilla Dev News. So I checked back over there and discovered there was indeed an announcement, but this was not a ‘public’ release.

Our 800,000+ Firefox 3.5 beta users will be receiving an update to the first Firefox 3.5 release candidate (3.5rc1build2) in order to continue to help us with daily testing and public feedback. This update contains bug fixes which will be included in the final release of Firefox 3.5, expected later this month. While Mozilla has not yet completed the quality assurance testing required before an official product release, this update is considered stable for daily browsing use and we appreciate your assistance in helping us test and evaluate this version of the release candidate.