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Those who used the old Netscape Browser in the past may be familiar with this add-on. Link Pad is a very simple add-on that is part notepad, part bookmarking system. Given my busy schedule, I only get a couple day at the end of each week to really sit down and put together  in-depth blog entries. However, I am coming across items I want to blog throughout the week and it is not always easy to keep track of all these items. In the past I would resort to leaving the item I wanted to blog about open in its own tab or leaving the feed unread. The problem with those methods was I ended up with a couple dozen open tabs and unread feed items that I had ‘read’. Worse yet, I would accidentally close a tab or mark a feed item as read that I didn’t want to so. The other option I could have resorted to was bookmarking the items in a ‘To Be Blogged’ folder, but that takes several clicks.

So last month I came across an article over at Mozilla Links about Link Pad. I read the description and decided I would try it out. I’ve been using Link Pad for about a month now and I am really glad I found this simple but handy little extension. Now, whenever I come across something I want to blog later, I simply right-click on the link and select ‘Save to Link Pad’ from the context menu. When I want to go back and view my saved items I simply click on the Link Pad button on the toolbar and Link Pad opens in the sidebar and shows the list of saved links.

Just because it is a simple extension, doesn’t mean it can not be customized. As seen on the screen shot to the right, you can how and where links are opened as well as when they are removed. For those of you who are are worried about the size of your SQLite Databases, you are able to monitor the size of the Link Pad database.

Link Pad is about 117 KB and works with Firefox 3.0.* and 3.5.*

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  1. I use “Read It Later” for this. One click and it is saved in its own folder.

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