Mozilla Project Weekly: August 10, 2009



  • Firefox 3.0.13 -> 3.5.2 major update
    • planning to “push” a major update to users of Firefox 3.0.13
    • haven’t determined schedule yet, but either this week or next
  • Firefox 3.0.14
    • code freeze tomorrow
    • targeting early September release
  • Firefox 3.5.3
    • code freeze tomorrow
    • targeting early September release
  • Firefox 3.6
    • Firefox 3.6 Alpha 1 shipped on Friday, August 7th
    • updated the plan to reflect what we’ve talked about for the past two months
    • next milestone: Firefox 3.6 Beta 1
    • plan on branching mozilla-1.9.2 from mozilla-central later this week


  • Gecko 1.9.2
    • I know he’s been with us for a while, but now he’s officially with us full-time. Please welcome David Bolter, working on accessibility in Toronto!
    • Last week, at SIGGRAPH 2009, Khronos gave more details on the WebGL initiative.
      • Mozilla’s leading the Khronos working group, with Arun Ranganathan being the working group’s chair.
      • A lot of this work is based on Vladimir Vukicevic’s work on Canvas3D; Mozilla’s implementation of Web3D is based on canvas3d, with the work needed to update it to the new standard being done by Mark Steele.
      • Both Apple and Google have implementations of Web3D as well. Google showed their implementation at the Khronos OpenGL BoF at SIGGRAPH last week. Great response from the audience.
      • Our basic assumption is that JavaScript is fast enough, and in Mozilla’s case, that’s thanks to the Tracemonkey folks.


  • Thunderbird / Gecko
    • making progress on release
    • build is green!
    • please test the nightlies thoroughly
  • TBird 3.0b3 (Shredder)
    • MoMo all-hands this week
    • Hoping to nail TB3b4 schedule this week. Watch this space for updates.

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