UPDATE: Firefox Release Recap: October Week 4

Note: Some release and scheduling changes were announced in today’s Weekly Status Meeting

Schedule this Week

  • Firefox 3.5.5 – November 6th

Future Release

  • Firefox 3.0.16 – December 15th
  • Firefox 3.5.6 – December 15th
  • Firefox 3.6 RC1 – Late November 2009
  • Firefox 3.6 – Mid December 2009
  • Firefox 3.7 – Spring 2010

1 Comment on UPDATE: Firefox Release Recap: October Week 4

  1. Transcontinental | November 3, 2009 at 5:46 AM |

    What I wonder is how a Firefox extension programmer knows where to put the limit version to his extension. I have 78 extensions at this time on Firefox 3.5.4, and most are fixed to 3.5.*, whilst a few hit 3.6.(something), others 3.7.(something), I even have an extension (Ad Muncher Browser Extensions) fit to 4.0 !

    Are programmers to cautious or is there a real argument in choosing a limit for an extension? I believe extensions remain valid accordingly to core modifications of the Firefox build, but perhaps is there more to it? That means the extension programmer must know the latest developments of night builds, is that correct?

    Darn 🙂

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