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Last month I received an email for a nearly dedicated Thunderbird user. I say nearly dedicated because they were still using Eudora to send out monthly club emails. The club has a strict policy that their email addresses will not be shared. They were unable to find an easy way to send out to the group where all the recipients were BCC (Blind Carbon Copy). Sure each recipient added to the message could be changed to ‘Bcc’, but with around 50 recipients this was time consuming and a good chance of accidentally leaving one or more of the recipients set to ‘To’. After a couple email exchanges we were able to get this working as they desired. Here is the step-by-step  process to send a bulk email so all the recipients are Bcc:

  1. Open the Address Book
  2. Click New List
  3. Enter the list name, nickname and description for your list
  4. Add addresses to the list (note if the address is already in your address book, it will show in the drop-down as you start typing the address)

    The Contact List

  5. Click OK and close the address book
  6. Click Write
  7. Next to the first addressee field click the drop-down on To: and select Bcc:
  8. In the first addressee field type the name of the list you created. The filed should the list name and then the nick name between <>.

    Compose Window -- Be sure to choose Bcc:

  9. Enter your email content and click send.

When the email arrives it is going to show as addressed to ‘undisclosed-recipients’.

Received email addressed to 'undisclosed-recipients'

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  1. i will bookmark your websites and take the feeds also.amazing information…Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  2. Thanks for this – would like to personalize with merge AND with BCC
    1. Using this: one has to use the “to” filed as far as I know how
    2. Using the above, there seems to be no way to personalize it. If I’m wrong, share details re how

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