Important JAVA Update

Oracle has pushed out JAVA Version 6 Update 20 to address a sever security exploit. While I am usually pretty good about keeping my plugins such as JAVA updated I did notice I currently had Update 16 installed 🙁

This update is for Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems including Windows XP, Vista, 7 as well as Server 2003 & 2008. Note: This exploit currently affects users running 32-Bit browsers. To install the update simply go to and click the big red Free Java Download button. The site will auto-detect your operating system and present you with the correct download.

Important Tips:

  • Be sure to pay attention to the install prompts. The installer by default is going to install the Yahoo! Toolbar. Be sure to uncheck the box next to Install the Yahoo! Toolbar.
  • You will need to close Firefox (and any other browsers) in order to complete the install.
  • The installer should remove the older version of JAVA, but some user may need to remove multiple old installs manually. For Windows users this can be done through the (Add/Remove) Programs interface in the control panel.
  • The version is suppose to have an-updater as well, I would strongly suggest leaving this enabled as JAVA is one of those plugins that many people don’t think about updating.

For more info see eSecuirty Planet

5 Comments on Important JAVA Update

  1. Dan Poirier | April 17, 2010 at 2:10 PM |

    “Windows, Linux and Solaris” are hardly “all operating systems”.

  2. @Dan. I’ll update that, I thought I saw OS X as well, but is not. Thanks for the info

  3. ” I currently had Update 16 installed :(”

    Mine was still at 16.15.1 on Linux/Synaptic Ubuntu repositories.
    I uninstalled it and probably will do the manual install. I prefer using the repos as I don’t have to remember doing updates but that seems to be a bit too far behind.

  4. very informative..thanks a lot..james

  5. thanks for nice info,,,

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