Extension Reviews are moving to the WIKI

Looks like we are about ready to move the extensions review off the main ffextensionguru.com site over to the WIKI (ffextensionguru.com/wiki) this weekend. This is the last section to moved over to the WIKI. The main ffextensionguru.com site is mainly going to be a dynamic informational page. We will have our blog and twitter feeds along with the latest release information for the current three (3.5,3.6 and 3.7/4.0) versions of Firefox.

We will also plan (time permitting) on updating the layout of the page to better accommodate the new and recently added features such as our Twitter Feed and Facebook Fan Page Status. Both the site and the Wiki should remain active and accessible during the update.

In the coming weeks the tweaks section is going to be reviewed and updated. We have received a couple reports that tweaks do/don’t work with newer released of the particular Firefox release. Also there are still some references to Firefox 3.1 (now 3.5) that some we missed in the last round. Finally, the time has come for The Guru to tryout Firefox 3.7/4.0 so can updated the existing tweaks and/or add new tweaks.