World Cup 2010 Live Feeder

For those of you who want an easy way to follow the 2010 World Cup scores, GoodReflex has developed a very simple World Cup 2010 Live Feeder extension. The extension adds a toolbar (GoodReflex) between your Bookmarks toolbar and the tab bar. Since this is a toolbar it is very easy to switch on or off (handy for work). Clicking the soccer ball on the left will take you to the GoodReflex Blog.

Note: This extension has not been reviewed by Mozilla so you will see a warning on the AMO page.You may still install the add-on. I have had it installed and have not had any issues with the browser.

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The GoodRelfex World Cup 2010 add-on is about 27 KB and works with Firefox 2.0 through Firefox 3.7a5pre. I am going to drop a note to the developer letting them know they need to bump their max version setting to Firefox 3.7a5.

Source: Ramy

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  1. Great work……..

  2. your toolbar is very nice great work………

  3. Let me start by saying nice post.
    Im not sure if it has been talked
    about, but when using Chrome I
    can never get the entire site to
    load without refreshing many
    times. Could just be my computer.

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