Now Running: Firefox 4 Beta 13pre (64-Bit)

Thanks to Claus’s post over at Grand Stream Dreams, I was able to install the 64-Bit version of Firefox 4 Beta13pre for Windows. Been a while since I’ve been using the nightly builds, so this will take a little use to updating on a daily basis. One of the complications I have heard in regards to running a 64-Bit Browser on Windows is Adobe Flash does not yet support 64-Bit.

However, Adobe has a developmental version called Flash Player “Square “ which enables 64-bit support. A word of advise if you already have the 32-bit version of Flash installed, you will need to remove it first. So besides downloading the installer (select for all other browsers) then go down to the Uninstallation section and download the uninstaller as well. Then close Firefox and run the uninstaller and then the installer. The process should take at most a few minutes.

Now, getting back to Firefox. I noted above (and in this post title) is has been ‘labeled’ as Firefox 4 Beta 13pre. This does not necessarily mean that there is going to be a Beta 13, it could end up being relabeled as RC1pre. I’ll just have to watch this day-by-day and see what comes up. The Mozilla releases page still shows the next version as being Firefox 4 RC1, of course it does not reflect the new Firefox 3.6.15 released yesterday.

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  1. Hi Guru!

    Congratulations and thanks for the shout-out!

    I generally (manually) update my nightly x64 build once a week. It’s been stable enough for me to feel comfortable with for “production” usage and daily web browsing. I’m running it in a “portable” configuration on my desktop system so it’s just a matter of downloading the zip file, unzipping and copying (overwrite all) the existing firefox app folder and contents over the existing one. Just make sure it isn’t running first!

    Other things I’ve noticed is that the automatic updating feature for add-ons is very cool. You almost don’t notice it is happening. I also believe it also does some primary application (Firefox) updating as well automatically. It’s very slick.

    Still requires reboots after updating add-ons for now…

    Cheers and Enjoy!

    Claus V.

  2. If you downloaded a nightly build in the last 24-48 hours, chances are, you’re actually running the same build that will be labled RC1 as early as this week. =)

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