A Quick Glance at Firefox in 2011

So back in February I posted about Mozilla’s new release schedule for Firefox in 2011. At that time the actual schedule hadn’t been fully drawn up yet as they were waiting on the release of Firefox 4. Now, I did mention the different channels or phases of the release schedule on the Firefox 5 Aurora Release post. Again these channels or phases are: Nightly, Aurora, Beta and Release and normally each phases lasts 6-weeks and will usually start on a Tuesday (except Nightly which will be the day after the Aurora release of the prior version). Firefox 5 is on a shorter schedule. So here is the plan for 2011 (and this could very well change):

Firefox 5

  • Nightly: March 23rd
  • Aurora: April 12th
  • Beta: May 17th
  • Release: June 21st

Firefox 6

  • Nightly: April 13th
  • Aurora: May 24th
  • Beta: July 5th
  • Release: August 16th

Firefox 7

  • Nightly: May 25th
  • Aurora: July 5th
  • Beta: August 16th
  • Release: September 27th

Firefox 8

  • Nightly: July 5th.
  • Aurora: August 16th
  • Beta: September 27th
  • Release: November 8th