Firefox 6.0a2 (Aurora) now Available

Firefox 6 moved from the Nightly to the Aurora channel on May 24th. The Aurora build is a developer’s preview which will allow testers and extension developers to see and work with the new features in Firefox 6. All new features have landed, but features that are not fully functional and stable by the July 7th Beta merge will be removed. What’s new in Firefox 6? mostly ‘under-the-hood’ improvements and these key features:

  • Windows 64-Bit Support (apparently this did not make the cut in Firefox 5)
  • Improvements to the about:memory page
  • New experimental privacy
    feature called the Data Management Window (about:permissions)
  • Enhanced add-ons manager
  • New features for Panorama
  • Scratchpad (accessible via F4 or Aurora Menu > Web Developer > Scratchpad). A tool
    allows you to copy-and-past short JavaScript snippets into a basic
    editor and execute them in the browser
  • Enhancements to the Web Console
  • More support for HTML5

New about:permissions window:

The scheduled release date for Firefox 6 is August 15, 2011. Download Firefox 6.0a2 (Aurora).

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