Comcast locks Mac/Firefox to its own home page

Mac users.

…his home page had been changed to, and that the Comcast software had modified his Firefox profile so that there was no way to change the home page setting.
“I contacted Comcast; they initially blamed the problem on a bug in Firefox. Mozilla denies this, and says it’s Comcast’s doing”, says the security researcher in his latest posting.
“This is NOT a Firefox bug or issue”, a Mozilla spokesperson wrote in an email. “It is a Comcast method that applies preference changes to Firefox.”
“Comcast has now acknowledged the issue, says Krebs, adding that the problem is limited to Mac users, and that permanency of the change was unintentional…
“…there is a DIY fix for the issue, and communications blogger Ryan Parman has published step-by-step instructions and screenshots showing how to remove the home page hijack. “

22 July 2011

Infosecurity (UK) – Comcast criticised for locking Firefox to its own home page


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