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  1. This is an arrogant column.

    Whether I am dumb is a moot question. Will I end up using IE? Perhaps. 2 years of fighting against Firefox crashing despite hours spent searching for an answer and computer illiterate local support at the nearest computer store still leaves me totally stymied. I have followed every clue, run without add-ons and even without basic plugins and FF still eats up memory like it is in a Coney Island contest.

    I subscribe to this blog trying to find a real solution to no avail.

    Perhaps dumb people use IE because they have found it works.

    • Pietr,
      For the same reasons you mention, I have stopped using IE. IE9 crashes relentlessly on my brand new Windows 7 machine. Firefox hangs periodically, sometimes too often, which is why I usually have both Chrome and Firefox open at the same time.

  2. Wow, Pietr, I’ve been using Firefox since 2004–even testing nightlies on a regular basis–and I’ve rarely had a crash or any of the problems you mentioned; however, the memory problem does concern me. Until Firefox fixes this problem (and they are currently working on it), I will continue to use Firemin to manage the memory. If you haven’t tried it, Firemin works great. If interested, you can find it here: http://www.rizonesoft.com/2011/firemin/


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