Dumb People Fall For Fake Survey

Okay, so it is not true that Dumb People Use IE.Seems this was all a hoax and The Guru fell for it, as did The Seattle PI, CNN, NPR and many more news outlets.

Today, AptiQuant – the “company” behind a purported study that recorded which browsers people used to take an online IQ test – posted the following message to its bogus website:

AptiQuant was set up in late July 2011 by comparison shopping website AtCheap.com, in order to launch a fake “study” called “Intelligent Quotient and Browser Usage.” The study claimed that people using Internet Explorer have a below than average IQ score. The study took the IT world by storm. The main purpose behind this hoax was to create awareness about the incompatibilities of IE6, and not to insult or hurt anyone.