Thunderbird 8 Beta Released

Mozilla has released to Beta Channel Thunderbird 8 on October 4, 2011. What’s new in Thunderbird 8 Beta includes:

  • Add-ons installed by third party programs are now disabled by default
  • Added a one-time add-on selection dialog to manage previously installed add-ons
  • Improved accessibilty of the attachment lists
  • Several user interface fixes and improvements
  • and numerous other platform fixes

Thunderbird Beta 7 users should be able to update via Help > About Thunderbird or may download and install Thunderbird 8 Beta manually here.

Source: Mozilla Developer’s Center

2 Comments on Thunderbird 8 Beta Released

  1. Is Google Contacts, and Calendar, and Lightning going to work yet, or do we have to wait for them to update again?

    • There are updates available from here. Just click on the version of Thunderbird you are running. This will take you to the FTP site. Select your OS, then just choose the most recent build. Be sure to download both files via right-click and save link as… Once you’ve download the files, go into Thunderbird’s Add-on Manager and click on the Gear Button (Menu) and select Install Add-on From File. Restart Thunderbird and your calendar should be working fine.

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