Add-On To Resolve Browser Issues

I haven’t tried this yet but if it works as advertised should make a lot of folks happy.

Here is a list of some of the configuration options that FeatureFix provides:

  • Change the default Firefox source code viewer
  • Define where the tab bar close button or buttons are located in the browser (every tab, active tab, on the right of the tab bar, no close buttons at all)
  • Disable url trimming (removal of http://) and url formatting (greying out subdomains and directories).
  • Removal of the go button and bookmark star.
  • Display attributes on mouse over, including Alt, Title, Src, Href, Action, Onsubmit and others.
  • Disable automatic image resizing
  • Display broken image and to-be-loaded image placeholders
  • Disable caching
  • Disable search suggestions

 Ghacks: Firefox Feature Fix, Add-On To Resolve Browser Issues

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