Firefox 10 Nightly Windows Updates Resuming Soon

Automatic updates for Firefox 10 Nightly Windows (x32 and x64) builds had been temporally disabled earlier this week due to start up crashes with ‘Windows 8’ [Bug 695161]. It appears this issue has been corrected on 10/20/11 and quite possibly by the time this article is published, users will be able to update via Help > About Nightly. If the automatic updates are still not functioning you can always update manually by downloading the latest trunk build here.

4 Comments on Firefox 10 Nightly Windows Updates Resuming Soon

  1. FYI: AFAIK, only Win64 Nightly updates were affected. I had no problems with updating Win32 Nightly nightlies.

    • Interesting. I didn’t even try on the 32-bit as I don’t use that one much. I was just going to say is was only affecting the 64-bit builds, but the bug made me believe that it was all Windows builds. I just checked and updated both.

      • I take that back, got a ‘Download failed’ on both the 32-bit and 64-bit with a link to the manual download page.

        • You may want to try, first, clearing the caches on each. Then, download and install builds from, say, a week ago. Once installed, try updating each from within (using Check for Updates on the about window).

          Note: I am assuming you download the .exe install files for Nightly like I do.

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