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Wiki Updates

Over the past couple days, we have gone through and updated the Wiki. The Extensions section has been updated for Firefox 7.0 and 8.0 compatibility and about a dozen new extensions that have already been discussed on the blog were added. The Firefox Tweaks section has also been updated for Firefox 7.0 and 8.0 compatibility. Also we have re-formatted the tweak pages, doing away with the color-code Firefox version compatibility and adding an updated date at the bottom of each page. Now each tweak will show Works with: followed by the version number.

Old Compatibility Listing Design

  • Firefox 3.6: YES      |  Firefox 3.6: YES  |  Firefox 3.6: NO
  • Firefox 4.0: NO        Firefox 4.0: YES  |  Firefox 4.0: NO  
  • Firefox 5.0: NO        |  Firefox 5.0: YES  |  Firefox 5.0: NO
  • Firefox 6.0: NO        |  Firefox 6.0: YES  |  Firefox 6.0: YES
  • Firefox 7.0: NO        |  Firefox 7.0: YES  |  Firefox 7.0: YES
  • Firefox 8.0: NO        Firefox 8.0: YES  |  Firefox 8.0: YES

New Compatibility Listing Design

  • Works with: Firefox 3.6 ONLY | Works with: Firefox 3.6+ | Works with: Firefox 6.0+

We also made a minor UI change in regards to the link hover color. Many uses reported the yellow hover color made the text disappear into the background.