November 23, 2011

Unhide Forward Button

For whatever reason, Mozilla has decided starting with Firefox 11 to hide the forward button when you can not go forward. For once, this is not something that Mozilla has copied from Google Chrome, as the forward button is always displayed in Chrome. I suppose for people running very low resolutions (640×480, 800×600, etc), the extra space is welcomed. However, you are not really gaining any space as once you can go forward, the forward button reappears and the address bar is shifted to the right. When you can not go forward the ‘forward’ button is hidden. The ‘forward button’…

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Firefox For Android Nightly switch to Native UI on 11-22-11

Firefox 11.0 for Android Nightly (Fennec) builds beginning with the 11-22-11 nightly build will be on the new native UI. This build should be offered to Fennec users begining on 11-23-11. Note: Mozilla does not intend to update Honeycomb users to Native UI, as there is no Android tablet support yet.  

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