Firefox 8.0.1: JAVA & Mac Crashes Continue

I knew it seemed like things were a bit too quiet. Turns out, the email stopped working Wednesday night or Thursday morning.  Last night I started getting some emails on Bug 701537 (Tracking bug for build and release of Firefox 8.0.1). The first was the addition (and shortly there after the deletion) of dependency on Bug 705931 ([Mac] Firefox 8.0.1 crashes when many Java applets are loaded). Reading into Bug 701537, I noticed several comments from November 25th that I never got the notification emails on.

Anyway, long story short, there is still an outstanding Bug (seems the finger is being pointed at Apple) in regards to pages with many Java Applets causing Firefox 8.0.x (and even 7.0.x) to crash. However, the number of crashes related to this issue has gone down greatly. It appears to be related to the cache size of the plugins. Not sure at this point if Mozilla is going to increase the plugin cache size some more and push out an 8.0.2 firedrill release to Mac users. Will post more information about this once we know more.