Firefox 9.0.1 Released

An emergency update for Firefox was released today,. Firefox 9.0.1 addresses a crash upon startup after updating to Firefox 9.0 for mainly Mac users. However, Linux and Windows users were not immune to this crash either, just a lot less frequent. For more information see bugs: 711794, 708572 and 335998. This update is available for Windows, Linux and Mac users (Android and tablet users will be staying on Firefox 9.0). Current Firefox 9.0 users go to Help > About Firefox to get the latest update or you can manually update at

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  1. This is the second emergency fix in a row – FF8 also had a new 8.0.1 version released a few days after launch. Mozilla are being stretched too thinly by this rapid release cycle, just for the sake of matching Chrome – more testing and fewer new releases would help rebuild some confidence, especially amongst business users and add-on developers…

  2. In the case of 9.0.0/9.0.1 Mozilla knew about the issues from the Beta 5 release, but they are following a strict release schedule and also they wouldn’t know the full impact of the issue until release. 8.0 was mainly for Mac users and those using the 3rd party add-on RoboForm. In the case of Mac users it is an issue with Apple’s blend of JAVA and Mozilla is trying to work around this while Apple gets around to fixing the issue. Much like omni.jar and Windows.

    I don’t see Rapid Release as a way to match Chrome. I see as a way to prevent what happened with Firefox 4 from ever happening again. Releasing on a time schedule versus a feature schedule is much better. Each whole version has 18-weeks of testing before the final release.

  3. Firefox 9.0.1 updated now crashes frequently (Windows XP Pro). Never had this issue with FF in the past. Looks like the “fix” broke it!

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