Thunderbird 10.0 Beta (10.0b1) Released

Mozilla has merged Thunderbird 10 on the to the Beta developmental channel on December 23rd, 2011. Existing Thunderbird Beta users can update via Help > About Thunderbird. New users can get Thunderbird Beta from Mozilla’s Future of Thunderbird site.

What’s New in Thunderbird Beta

  • New ability to search the Web
  • Improvements to searching email
  • Create a new email account
  • Several fixes when drafting email
  • and several other platform fixes

Thunderbird 10 is scheduled for release on January 31st, 2012.

Lighting users: You will need to go here and get the version 1.2 of Mozilla Lightning.

1 Comment on Thunderbird 10.0 Beta (10.0b1) Released

  1. I want two things

    1 Easy way to back up mail from 1 pc to another I have changed 3 laptops and have every time lost mail

    2 Incorporate Business Manager like Outlook in Thunderbird

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