‘List all Tabs’ removed from Firefox 12

The ‘List all Tabs’ button is not one I use that often and may be that is why I had not noticed it was MIA in the Firefox 12 nighties. That was until this was brought up in the Firefox Builds forum last week. Turns out this is not a glitch, but a change as per Bug 714281 (Show the all tabs button only when the tab strip overflows). If you can not live without the ‘List all Tabs’ button, you can add these lines to your userChrome.css file [instructions]:

/* Show "List all Tabs" Button */
#alltabs-button {visibility: visible !important;}

4 Comments on ‘List all Tabs’ removed from Firefox 12

  1. This “feature” breaks mouse-only tab group navigation.

    For example (I’ve just had this issue in Firefox 12 aurora):
    using only the mouse
    * open many tabs until the “List all tabs” button appears
    * click on “List all tabs” -> “Tab groups”
    * select 3 tabs to create a new group
    * switch to the new group
    * now the “list tabs” button is gone, and it’s impossible to get back

    (Unless you know to press “CTRL+SHIFT+E” – which you don’t know if you were using the mouse…)

  2. Taiwan Friend | February 26, 2012 at 8:38 PM |

    it’s working!

  3. Hey Thanks for tips which helped me to get back Group Tab button.
    Appreciate very much, in fact this article was about removing Group Tab button but found the answer I wanted.
    Shukriya…Dhanyawaad…Thanks a lot!

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