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Recently there was post in Go Firefox! in which the user had installed the British English Dictionary add-on but the spellchecker was still using the US English dictionary. There is an additional step once you have installed the new dictionary add-on and restarted Firefox. You need to tell Firefox which dictionary it should be using. While, you can install as many different dictionaries as you like (as seen in the example below), you can only use one at a given time.

  1. Right-click in a text-area
  2. Select Languages
  3. Select the Dictionary you want to use

3 Comments on Change Spellcheck Language

  1. I do this, then 10 seconds later it changes back to United States, repeat ad infinitum. Even if I change the language to English (United Kingdom), then instantly restart FireFox, it still changed back to US. Using FireFox 18.0.1 which is the most up to date right now. I tried reinstalling the dictionaries, nothing helps. It just changes back to the US spell checker over and over again.

    • Odd, I was hoping there was an about:config setting that could force Firefox to a ‘default’ dictionary, but there is not. Are you using a localized (UK) build or US build of Firefox? I am wondering if you use the UK build if it won’t have the US dictionary pre-installed.

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