Thunderbird 11 Beta now Available

Mozilla Messaging has completed the merge of Thunderbird 11 to the Beta channel. What’s new in Thunderbird 11 Beta:

  • Tabs are now shown above the toolbar
  • New wizard to sign up for new accounts
  • More trust options added to junk settings (Bogofilter, DSPAM, POPFile)
  • and several other platform fixes

Existing Thunderbird Beta users should be able to update from within Thunderbird via Help > About Thunderbird. Otherwise users can download Thunderbird Beta 11 and manually update here.

Lightning Users: You will need to manually update Lightning to 1.3b1 which can be obtained from the Calendar Versions site.

Thunderbird 11 is scheduled for release on March 13, 2012.

7 Comments on Thunderbird 11 Beta now Available

  1. Can you confirm that lighting is working with TB 11 ? Or is installing the xpi different from a manual update ?

  2. 1.3b1 directory structure is empty (/pub/ Could you help? Thunderbird just updated it self and now I have no calendaring 🙁

    • Not sure what they are doing over there, rather unusual to be advertising tinderbox builds. The channel merges should be happening in the next couple days. Keep checking.

  3. Someone helped me find a working link to 1.3b3 under the Development Channel section of the Lightning addon page.

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