Do Not Track Plus

Today is the 3rd day of using this and I think it is going on my “keeper” list.
My counter just went over 300.

      Do Not Track Plus blocks web beacons and other tracking technologies that advertisers use to track your browsing behavior. Easily see what trackers are in use at each website you visit and block any or all of them. “

Source: Add-ons for Firefox
 Do Not Track Plus

Go get it.
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9 Comments on Do Not Track Plus

  1. Cool. Thanks for the rec. Abine seems like they actually care about privacy.

  2. I installed the FF adon today but now I can’t get at my yahoo email address book. How do I unblock that link?

    • Haven’t been able to find anything on that but I just checked my Yahoo Mail without issues.
      You could try this.

      • Thanks Gareon. Turns out DNT+ interfered with AdBlock +, another FF addon I use. I had to go back into that addon & change a couple settings, esp re popups, & now it’s fine ;o) I have had DNT+ for 3 days & it’s already blocked 1459 attempts to track me, & yahoo is one of the worst offenders ;o(

  3. How does DNT+ compare to Ghostery? On the surface at least, they appear to do the same thing.

    • On the surface at least, they appear to do the same thing.

      They do.
      Ghostery is much “busier” in how it works though and more resource intensive. DNT+ is more of a set & forget add-on which I much prefer.

  4. Jean-Claude Junné | September 26, 2012 at 12:34 AM |

    I have been using DNT+ since its early days and I’m still please to see on the DNT+ short screen that indeed some ADverstising Corps and their clients have been blocked in my Firefox session. However we can now read in the press that the ADs corps adhering to the NAI association (like MS, Google, Apple etc…) don’t care about DNT+ and still recreate their tracking cookies as soon as it is blocked by Abine DNT+ software. So what’s the reality: is DNT+ doing a REAL good job or is it just smoke in our eyes?

    • Haven’t seen anything on that. Where did you read it?
      As far as I know if they create a new cookie then DNT will block it.

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