Windows 8 Logo

As we had posted earlier this week there had been rumors of a new ‘Windows 8’ logo coming. It is now official, Microsoft posted the new logo (as seen below along with the past logos) on Friday afternoon.


So the color has gone from a teal to more of turquoise now (or is that Microsoft Blue?) However, as Tom’s Hardware points out, Microsoft still hasn’t acknowledged that ‘Windows 8’ is going to be the official title, not just the code name.

…Microsoft hasn’t ever confirmed that Windows 8 will be what the next version of Windows will be called, but it’s hard to imagine the company unveiling a new logo featuring the Windows 8 name if it’s not the official title.

Logically speaking now that Microsoft has unveiled this new ‘Windows 8’ logo that the final product is going to be called Windows 8. However, there is nothing logical about Microsoft. I am sure like myself many others are still waiting for Microsoft to make a formal announcement in regards to the ‘Windows 8’ name.

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks it odd that everyone is going so monochrome? Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Google just to mention a few have gone monochrome. And, now Windows is following suit…

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