Thunderbird 11.0, 10.0.3 ESR and 3.1.20 Delayed

Mozilla has opted to err on the side of caution and has announced the delay of this Tuesday’s planned Firefox releases. Since Mozilla normally pairs up the Thunderbird releases with Firefox, this week’s planned Thunderbird releases will likely be delayed as well. These include the release of Thunderbird 11.0, 10.0.3 ESR and 3.1.20 builds. A couple reasons for this delay:

  • Possible conflicts (as has happened in the past) with Microsoft’s Windows Update Tuesdays.
  • Reports from ZDI about a security vulnerability that could require a patch for the upcoming releases.

Mozilla plans on still doing the planned releases this week, but a couple days later to see how everything plays out, Speaking of security vulnerabilities Thunderbird 3.1 was updated back on February 16th to version 3.1.19. We missed this one as there was never a formal announcement made through the regular channels, plus we rarely do any testing on the soon to be retried 3.1.x branch. Thanks to Ken for pointing this out to us on the Firefox Blog.