Firefox 11/10.0.3 Released

Mozilla has released as originally planned, Firefox 11 on Tuesday, March 13th for Desktop and Firefox 10.0.3 for Android users. New stuff in Firefox 11.0 include:

  • Ability to import bookmarks from Google Chrome (makes coming back from Chrome that much easier)
  • New Style Editor allows users to see the CSS working for the current page, disable and re-enable it, editing and see the effect immediately, and save changes for accelerated web development.
  • Firefox Sync now supports add-ons (extensions and themes) as synchronized items joining forms, passwords, tabs, history, bookmarks and preferences.

See the Release Notes for more information and other features. Existing Firefox 10.0.x users can update via Help > About Mozilla Firefox. Users can also manually update by downloading and installing from The next scheduled release is Firefox 12.0 on April 26th, 2012.