Adobe warns of Reader X security holes

April 11, 2012

  Adobe’s flagship PDF Reader/Acrobat software contains multiple security
vulnerabilities that expose computer users to dangerous hacker attacks. “

Source: ZDNet
More Adobe warns of Reader X security holes

Or, try…

  Foxit PDF Reader, the program that many consider to be a faster, lighter, more able Windows alternative to Adobe Reader, has recently jumped to version 5.0. This newest release comes with many of the same solid features, a few new ones, and an upgraded interface. “

 : Foxit Reader

Go get it.
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2 Comments on Adobe warns of Reader X security holes

  1. Going to plug SumatraPDF here. I switched from Foxit because it was starting to take larger and fatter route after version 2. SumatraPDF is the smallest and fastest PDF reader now. And it is free.

  2. Explains why I’ve been getting Adobe Reader updates on my three systems. Suppose this only perpetuates the need for the integration of PDF reading into the browser. This is on the radar for Firefox with pdf.js in the next few months.

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