New Flash Update adds Bloatware

Just updated my plugins on my main machine as advised in our post yesterday. When I ran the Adobe Flash Installer,I was asked about how to install updates then when it went to install I noticed it was also installing McAfee Security Scan Plus. I canceled the install (which also deletes the installer file) and went back into Firefox and re-downloaded the installer. Upon running again the first screen was the prompt about how to install updates and then clicking next (or was it continue) takes me to the installation.

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While it is not unusual for these plugins to come with bloatware, this is the first time I have not seen an option to opt-out of having the bloatware installed. At least they did disclose the fact it was being installed (more than I can say for Avast! WebRep). Once the installer has finished you will need to go into the Windows Control Panel and manually remove McAfee Security Scan Plus.

Update 06/09/12 – Thanks to zoid for pointing out that there is an option NOT to get McAfee Security Scan Plus. While it is in plain site on the download page, it can be easily overlooked with the grey background and being right above the big yellow Download Now! button. I wasn’t really paying attention last night as I was just going through and getting the updated versions for several out of date plugins. Still bloatware none the less, especially since you have to opt-out.

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  1. Also, with this last update Adobe ships the “Protected Mode” (a sandbox mode) which launch 2 or 3 plugins inside plugin-container. I read about crashes with this plugin. But there’s a way to disable it.

    Protected Mode for Firefox
    Disabling Protected Mode

  2. I just updated last night / early this morning, and I had the opt-out.

  3. WildcatRay | June 9, 2012 at 9:12 AM |

    I downloaded the updates from They are just Flash for Firefox and IE with no bloatware.

    If you go to the Flash site like you would if you used Firefox’s plugin checking routine, you can opt out of the bloatware before the Flash update installs.

  4. You need to uncheck Yes, install McAfee Security Scan Plus – optional (0.98 MB) before downloading Flash.

    • Ah ha, so it is on the download page, not during the install. I didn’t even see that last night. Right there in plain site, yet very easy to miss being just above that big Download Now button.

  5. So any one here running an older laptop with xp and firefox 13?

    the reason I ask is I haven’t been able to run the latest versions of flash.
    it drives my processor to the wall and video is unwatchable.
    the latest version of flash i can run is
    my laptop is an acer aspire 5003WLCi

    i know its a security risk but i just can’t afford a new laptop at the moment.
    it doesn’t matter what browser i use any version of flash above can’t play video.

    So am I alone with this problem or not?

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

  6. How could you miss the first warning and not uncheck the extra mcaffee before installing?

  7. Adobe is having Macfee and google crome as optional addons installed with flash player. Just uncheck the box before downloading and installing flash player on the adobe website and they won’t be included.

  8. I saw all the bloatware during the dialog box and I decided to abort. When I aborted, they still launched the bloatware install. It was very hard to stop it once it’s started. I did a hard reboot and still had to go in and clean it up. Will not install flash again.

  9. Hate Dishonesty | July 13, 2013 at 12:18 AM |

    Sneaky way to slip in their bloatware onto your computer.

  10. Disgusted with Adobe | February 17, 2015 at 4:58 PM |

    I did not have the option to uncheck the bloatware, just now. I unchecked the McAffee install, but it proceeded to install it anyway, along with Google Chrome, and Adobe Lightbox, neither of which was mentioned on the Adobe download page. Never installing this crappy software again. I’ve found a suitable alternative and will be sticking to it (Firefox add-on that plays YT videos with VLC – “VLC YouTube Shortcut”).

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