Fight! Chrome sync, Xmarks shred browser bookmarks

” This morning I’m dealing with the wreckage after enabling Xmarks on both my Firefox and Chrome browsers. Xmarks is a cloud-based service that synchronizes bookmarks between browsers. It worked beautifully when I began using it with Firefox, but I wanted to use it as a cross-browser solution. When I added the extension to Google Chrome, however, everything went haywire… “

June 18, 2012
| Source: Computerworld Blogs
 Fight! Chrome sync, Xmarks shred browser bookmarks

Go get it.
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3 Comments on Fight! Chrome sync, Xmarks shred browser bookmarks

  1. Dave Carter | June 19, 2012 at 10:41 AM |

    Can’t understand what happened. I’ve been using XMarks between FireFox, Chrome and I.E. for years and never had a problem. I used it between browsers on my Linux system, between Linux and Windows, and now on my Android. I’ve never had a problem. My experience is that they have an excellent support group. Have you contacted them? Good Luck.

  2. FYI for anyone experiencing this: you should be able to retrieve your bookmarks very easily from XMark’s server. They actually back up several versions by date.

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