Clean Up Your CSS With ‘Dust Me Selectors’

“…Refactoring stylesheets can be difficult, especially when it comes to pruning the old, unused styles — how do you know which rules your sprawling labyrinth of HTML is actually using?

“That’s where the Firefox/Opera add-on Dust Me Selectors can help. Dust Me Selectors grabs your stylesheets, looks at all your selectors and then starts parsing HTML to find out which ones you’re actually using. Dust Me Selectors makes the process of refactoring a stylesheet much easier and definitely deserves a spot in the savvy developer’s toolkit….”

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 Clean Up Your CSS With ‘Dust Me Selectors’

I have to try this.
After 2 overhauls, a combining, then splitting one site into two and now overhauling one of the split ones, that certainly describes my current style-sheets.

We can check your plugins and stuff

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  1. Haven’t really messed with CSS much by hand. WordPress handles all the CSS for the blogs and sites, though I have made some minor edits to the overall CSS via ‘snippets’ that the theme’s author has provided. Going to be doing a web design class this fall, may be I’ll learn more about CSS then.

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