Thunderbird Release Update: October 6, 2012

Just Released


Coming Soon

October 9th

  • Thunderbird ESR 10.0.8
  • Thunderbird 16
  • Thunderbird 17 Beta (17.0b1)*
  • Thunderbird 18 Earlybird (18.0a2)*

Future Releases

November 20th

  • Thunderbird ESR 10.0.9
  • Thunderbird ESR 17.0
  • Thunderbird 17
  • Thunderbird 18 Beta (18.0b1)*
  • Thunderbird 19 Earlybird (19.0a2)*

* As part of the new Rapid Release Schedule,dates listed for Earlybird and Beta builds reflect when the code merge is set to begin. The actual release to that particular channel may vary by several days. See the Wiki for more details.

2 Comments on Thunderbird Release Update: October 6, 2012

  1. Mozilla delays thunderbird 16.0 release ( 09-oct.-2012, 11h13min (24h format) brazilian time. Firefox 16.0 released but thunderbird… !!! Mozilla may change the name of the application (thunderbird isn´t a better name for an application that mozilla delay the release ( not only, version 16, but also version 15; 14; 13; … If I´m wrong, please upload a download link of the pt-br version.

    • Yes, Thunderbird 16 is delayed. Not certain at this point for how long or why.

      There has been pt-br builds since version 12 (including with Thunderbird 15). Sounds like Thunderbird is not detecting your region correctly. In that case you can manually download and install the pt-br builds from here.

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