New Theme/Features

Over the holidays we finally made some much needed updates to the blog. One of the biggest changes was moving off of the obsolete Weaver theme to the new (and very much improved) Weaver II theme. The color scheme has been updated to more closely match that of out main site. Some other new features and fixes include:

  • When sharing a post on Facebook, the site logo is now the default thumbnail image. Previously Facebook would pick several images from the blog, none of which were the site logo.
  • The correct Favicon should now show in all browsers.
  • Consolidated share buttons. We’ve kept the separate Facebook and Twitter buttons, but now there are many more share/bookmark (and email) options available by clicking the Share/Save button next to the Facebook and Twitter logos at the top of each post.
  • Improved commenting system. When in the feed layout (all posts are displayed) to the right of the post title is a comment bubble with the current number of comments (empty indicated no comments). Viewers can click on the bubble to comment directly on that post (instead of having to click the post title then scroll down to the comments sections).
  • The layout (including the new Share/Save button) should appear the same in most browsers (Firefox, Chrome and IE).