How to Remove MySearchResults

MySearchResults Search is yet another adware program that some application developers are bundling with their applications. Much like Babylon, AVG, McAfee, etc. these will hi-jack your browsers. They will add a toolbar which will cause your browser to slow to a snail’s pace and may even go as afar as changing your home page, your default search engine and even the new tab page. MySearchResults doesn’t appear to add a toolbar to the browser it does take the liberty of changing your home page, new tab page and your default search engine.

MalwareTips has a step-by-step guide on how to remove this annoying piece of adware and restore your Firefox, Chrome and IE browsers. Once again, your best defense is to pay close attention to each screen when you go to install an application. More and more developers are sneaking these in to their installers as a way to subsidize their bandwidth costs.

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