April 16, 2013

Firefox OS Not in US until 2014

However, if you happen to live in Venezuela, Poland, Brazil, Portugal or Spain you can get a Firefox phone starting in June. Eleven more countries yet to be announced can get the phones by the end of the year. North America though, we will have to wait until sometime in 2014. Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs explains: Unfortunately, North Americans looking to purchase a local smartphone packed with Mozilla’s new Firefox OS won’t see them on the market until 2014. Why? Because unlike the rest of the world, Silicon Valley sees everything through high-end devices, he said. via Tom’s Hardware

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Windows 8.1/Blue Getting Boot-to-Desktop?

Rumor has it Microsoft may cave in to the massive grumbling from users about Windows 8 booting into the Modern (aka Metro) UI by default.  Windows 8.1/Blue is due for release later this year. Microsoft had previous denied any option to boot-to-desktop, instead opting to cram more stuff on to the Start Screen. However, there is news that just may be users will be able to turn-off the Start Screen: MicrosoftPortal (via WinBeta translation) reportedly dug into important operating system files stemming from one of the recent Windows 8.1 leaks and discovered references for disabling the Start screen. One such file…

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Firefox Stub Installer on Beta Channel

Not sure when Mozilla did this as today is the first time in awhile that I have done a fresh download/install of Firefox Beta. The stub installer (another feature copied from Chrome) downloads a smaller ‘stub’ of the Firefox (Beta) installer and then once you run the Stub Installer then it downloads and installs the rest of Firefox (Beta). The problem with this, is you can not specify where you want Firefox installed and it runs automatically upon completion of the install. Since I wanted to keep the release and beta version in their own folders and with their own…

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