The End Is Near (again) For Windows XP

If you are still one of the nearly 39% still using Windows XP you have been warned. Microsoft will end support April 8, 2014….may be…they been trying since 2010 to get users and businesses to move away from Windows XP. Now Microsoft is urging businesses “to modernize their IT infrastructure by upgrading to the more secure, more “modern” Windows 8.”
I don’t think so. If Microsoft is going to really due away with XP support (as well as IE6) businesses are going to move to Windows 7 or even Linux. These options are cheaper than re-training everyone how to use Windows 8. Of course Microsoft is trying to scare businesses into moving to Windows 8:

” Erwin Visser, Senior Director within the Windows and Windows Live Division, spent most of his blog update on Tuesday focused on the business aspect, reporting that the migration process from Windows XP to Windows 8 can take some time, and may be costlier the longer companies stay on the latter, older platform. They’re putting themselves at risk, as the security landscape is ever-changing and new threats are coming to fruition every day, he said. “

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