Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs Stepping Down

Yet, another CEO is leaving Mozilla Corporation and the search is on for a their fourth CEO. Gary Kovacs announced on April 10, 2013, he will be stepping down as CEO later this year, but will remain on the Board of Directors. Kovacs put much of his attention to get Mozilla to transition into the mobile market. This included Firefox for Android and the upcoming Firefox OS Phones. Mitchell Baker explains on her blog:

Gary joined us to make a dramatic pivot — to move Mozilla from the desktop browser world into the mobile ecosystem. In 2010 we knew that we would need to change many things in order to be effective in the mobile computing environment: our technology, our expertise, our worldview, our focus. Gary’s leadership during this period has helped us build on the strong foundation to make these changes, and to bring that strength into the mobile environment. Gary has reinvigorated our focus on working with commercial partners, a trait that was central in Mozilla’s early life but less so during the Firefox desktop era.

Mozilla Corporation CEO’s:

  • Mitchell Baker – August 2005 – January 2008 – Currently Chairperson of the Mozilla Foundation
  • John Lilly – January 2008 – May 2010 – No longer with Mozilla
  • Gary Kovacs – October 2010 to present

via PC Magazine