Reminder: Firefox is FREE

Most of you are likely thinking along the lines of “Duh, of course Firefox is free. What kind of idiotic post is this?” Truth be told there are scammers and hackers who have put up sites which make you to pay to download Firefox.  Some people may not know any better and just assume like so many other applications, Firefox is no longer free. Firefox has and always will be free. 

Not only are they scamming you out of your money, but chances are the copy of Firefox they have you download is infected with malware, spyware, scareware, viruses and/or other nasty things that could cause harm to your computer. If you have downloaded such a copy of Firefox or get a pop-up asking you to pay, remove the software immediately and do a virus and security scan of your computer.

Before you download Firefox, take a look at the address bar in your browser and make sure it shows the address. Also note, the links that we post here will redirect to the site.