Lenovo Selling More Mobile Devices than PCs

In their first quarter (ending June 30th, 2013) Lenovo sold more tablets and smartphones then they have PCs. However, while revenue from PCs was surpassed by their mobile devices, Lenovo is now the largest PC maker with a 16.7% market share. Lenovo’s biggest source of revenue has been from China. While only 42% of Lenovo’s overall sales are to China, the booming Chinese smartphone market accounts for a staggering 98% of Lenovo’s smartphone sales.

While on the subject of smartphones, Lenovo is the 4th largest maker of Smartphones (4.7% of market). Samsung is dominating 1st place with 31.7% of the market followed by Apple (14.2%) and LG (5.1%). I am not surprised to see Samsung on top. The Galaxy S3 and S4 along with the (giant) Note series of smartphones are extremely popular. A couple months ago I swapped out my HTC Sensation for a Samsung Galaxy S4 so I could take advantage of the speed boost on my carrier’s 4G LTE Network. So far been very impressed with the quality of the phone and still haven’t learned/discovered what all this phone can do.

via Tech Crunch