Bye, Bye Flash Plugin!

Finally after years of being held hostage by Macromedia/Adobe’s Flash Plugin, Firefox will no longer be dependent on this annoying and often times mischievous plugin to display Flash type content come Firefox 27 in early 2014. Mozilla developed Shumway, an open-source HTML5 competent starting back in early 2012 to replace the proprietary Flash (player) Plugin.



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  1. Transcontinental | October 3, 2013 at 2:18 AM |

    Now that’s what I call good news. It’s about time we get free — liberated 🙂 — of Adobe, it’s Flash plug-in as we have already emancipated of its other products, Adobe Reader to start with. I have never been confident in Adobe applications/software, and it is not a state of mind, when anyone can read on the Web the issues concerning whatever of their not so sweet suite.

  2. You take this flash plugin thing waay too seriously. I’ve never had any issues with the flash plugin, it was my livelihood for quite a while as well. People didn’t care about it until Steve Jobs decided to start a war on it and now it’s in vogue to hate Flash. So stupid.

    • that is so smart..let’s blame Steve Jobs cause apparently you know so much better! lol lol lol!

      btw type to google search : “problems with adobe flash player and mozilla” and don’t be surprised to discover that maybe you are the only one who had no issues cause everybody else that actually uses their computers have!!!

      • Until Steve Jobs put out his “Thoughts on Flash”, Flash plugin was ubiquitous. It was expanding and growing. After that, it slowed dramatically. So yes, I do blame Steve Jobs. His influence with Apple fanatics and the industry was silly. Most don’t understand the fallout. The Flash plugin is great and had TONS of features JavaScript is just now adding. You can program once and deploy on literally any platform WITHOUT changing the code. JavaScript is about where flash 6 was ages ago. But what you all don’t understand is all that “crashing” is from bad programming. If you think all those bad flash programmers won’t become bad JavaScript programmers you’re kidding yourself. I’m waiting another 10 years to see some important industry guy put out a letter called “thoughts on JavaScript”.

  3. that is what i call GOOD NEWS finally! adobe is the suite with the most problems..this plugin crashes over and over. It was about time for firefox to get rid of this mischievous plugin.

  4. Two thumbs up!

  5. Flash plugin has been garbage for a while now. It got to the point that Firefox was unusable. Glad you had such great luck with Flash. Apparently you are one of very few.

  6. Funny how there is always at least one person that has to tell the rest of us we are wrong. If it worked so great, why is everyone finding alternatives to Flash???

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