Firefox 25.0.1 Released

Mozilla released an emergency update for Firefox on November 15, 2013. Firefox 25.0.1 addressed these issues:

    • Pages sometimes wouldn’t load without first moving the cursor
    • MFSA 2013-103 Miscellaneous Network Security Services (NSS) vulnerabilities

Depending on update settings, users should automatically be prompted to update to Firefox 25.0.1 or may do so manually via Help > About Firefox or downloading and installing via the site.

1 Comment on Firefox 25.0.1 Released

  1. A funny thing happened after I updated to Firefox 25.0.1: some of my toolbar buttons got re-arranged.

    On the Navigation Bar, the back and forward buttons got moved back to the default position, to the left of the URL box (or whatever it’s called now), and my Uppity extension button got removed and put back into the Customize Toolbar button reserve. I moved these buttons back to where I like them and they’ve been staying put, for now.

    On the Menu Bar, my Hola extension button keeps getting moved to the right of a separator (|) instead of staying on the left. I haven’t yet figured out what triggers this, but it has definitely happened mid-session at least once. Bizarre.

    Is this a side effect of Australis anti-customization code adopted a little earlier than initially planned? No idea. Regardless, we were not amused.

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