How to speed up Thunderbird

Over the past few years I’ve been following Claus’s Grand Stream Dreams Blog as he has posted many Firefox and Chrome along with computer/cyber security tips. Today he has posted a performance tip for Thunderbird: W6161X (or how to recover from Thunderbird slowness).

I haven’t really had any slowness issue with Thunderbird on my main Windows 8 machine. However, I have only had this Windows 8 machine for a little under a year so Thunderbird hasn’t had a chance to get bogged down yet. Nonetheless, I noticed a bit of a performance increase after making the two Config Editor (about:config for Thunderbird) tweaks and installing the No Glass add-on. I do need to try this on my Windows 7 laptop the next time I have it on (which likely will be to install Windows updates).

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  1. Cool. Did the gfx.direct2d.disabled = false change but didn’t do the No Glass add-on as I prefer my “theme”. Seeing a definite difference in speed. Thanks!

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