You won’t be able to run Firefox on these, not that you can on the iPhone. For those hoping that may be things would change with the upcoming iPhone 6, they are not. From Mozilla Support: “Apple’s restrictions prevent us from bringing the current version of Firefox to iOS devices…”. What it comes down to is Apple telling Mozilla they must use the Apple web engine (WebKit) in order to have a Firefox app on iOS. Simply put Apple is telling Mozilla you can have a Firefox app on iOS, but really it is going to be mobile Safari dressed up to look like Firefox. Or to put it another way it would be like Microsoft telling Mozilla, sure you can have Firefox for Windows, but it must use our Trident engine. Of course unlike Apple, Microsoft doesn’t have restrictions in place on what can run on their operating system.

Don’t have the money to shell out $800+ USD (£539) for the new iPhone 6 later this year? Don’t want to sign a 2-year contract with a carrier that will cost you more than the phone to get out of early? Not smart enough to use a Smart Phone? Worried that your phone is going to get hacked, lost/stolen, damaged or the NSA is listening in on your conversations? Then the iCups are for you!

The iCups are “pure communication.” They are two silver cups connected by a jaunty light-green string. This isn’t your childhood version of cups-on-a-string — actually, I lie. It is pretty much your childhood version of cups-on-a-string. But it’s so much more than that. The cups are crafted from high-quality paper. The arts-and-crafts string offers “superior sound quality,” a considerable upgrade over your mom’s garden twine. Run-time and stand-by time are eternal and you can handle most repairs yourself.

You can find out more about the iCups at their Kickstarter Page

via: C|Net